The actual test paper has 35 questions. Time allowed : 60 minutes. There are 3 sections: 5 questions in section I, 10 in section II and 20 in section III. Syllabus Section –I (Mental Ability): Numerals and Number Names, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication as Repeated Addition, Temperature, Time, Calendar, Measurement of Length and Weight, Geometrical Shapes, Money. Section –II (Logical and Analytical Reasoning) : Problems Based on Figures, Find Odd Numeral Out, Series Completion, Coding-Decoding, Mathematical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning. Section –III (Computers and IT) : Introduction to Computers (General Information), Parts of Computer, Uses of Computer, Learning to use Keyboard and Mouse, Introduction to MS-Paint. In addition to the above Syllabus , the NCO paper may include Questions on latest Developments / Upgradation in computers.


March 30, 2013